Alright, so I promised that I'd have a new post whenever I got around to a 5-gallon batch using the smaller equipment, but things have been busier than expected and I haven't brewed in a while.  So, I'll keep people updated with what has been going on in beer related news for GOB.  

The Brewmaster and The Boss visited friends in California for a wedding and tasted plenty of wine and beer (see reviews of Russian River).  California is a great place for amazing beers by the way.

One of the members of the Tasting Panel got hitched last weekend, so that was a pretty good reason to party.  Heading to the wedding with a cooler of homebrew was a great idea for getting the wedding party started in the hotel before pictures and the ceremony.  I didn't hear too many complaints from people so I guess we're doing our jobs!

Last week the 2012 version of Checkered Buffalo was bottled, and is slightly different than 2011.  Lower in alcohol content but still delicious, I'm anxious for it to carbonate and be ready for consumption.

Last night I transferred 10 gallons of Single Speed to carboys for dry hopping. I didn't  have the exact hops I thought I did so I flew by the seat of my pants.  Depending on how the schedule dictates my time next week that will get bottled in 7-10 days.  Until then I need to work on freeing up a few bottles, which just so happens to be one of my favorite things to do.  I also washed and harvested some yeast from the bottom of the Single Speed fermenters for reuse on later batches.  I'll talk about that in a new post shortly...

I've got grains hops and yeast to make a London style ESB (Extra Special Bitter) so hopefully I can make some time for that in the near future and add that to the pipeline. Until then keep those bottles cold and your glasses full.

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